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Thursday, 26 January 2012

As a person living in a small apartment, I can testify that finding enough room to accommodate a decent sized bed and still have enough living space can be a pain in the neck. 

I searched long and hard for the bed that could give me enough comfort and accommodate one more person when the need arose and still let me have enough space so I wouldn’t feel claustrophobic in my own room. Single beds were too small, double beds were too large and most foldable sofas are not particularly comfortable. I found the solution with the help of a Japanese friend. He said that his family uses a futon mattress and it’s awesome. 

I ran a search online, browsed through a few models and saw that there was some logic to my friend’s madness. The whole idea behind it is that it is just a mattress that you can place on the floor when you sleep and fold during the day. I was still a bit skeptical but after the first couple of nights, I must say I fell in love. The insulation was perfect. The mattress was exactly as soft as I wanted it. My model was built with memory foam so the experience became even better over time.

The ease with which you can make the bed when you have a futon mattress is unbelievable. I now have all the room I need for myself and my partner during sleep and my room remains spacious enough to accommodate my needs when I’m at the computer or exercising.

Make no mistake about it, my experience with the futon mattress is absolutely perfect. If you don’t want memory foam like me, you can get a mattress made out of entirely different materials. They are made from cotton, coconut fiber, wool, latex and so on and so forth. I say that if you want to have a comfortable multi-purpose bed, you should definitely look for a futon mattress.

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